Appendix – Server Application Management Utility

The server application management utility is necessary for applications that connect to databases. This utility can be managed by components and can be viewed to see what kind of system sources are being used by the server application. Server applications are managed by server.config file which is automatically created by a AJAX server component or connected database.

Figure 37 AJAX configuration

A. Toolbar Menu

Toolbar Functions
Refresh Reverts AJAX server component back to its original state
Reset Clears selected component selection
Remove Deletes selected components
Store Connects to NEST store for updating and obtaining components

B. Server Component List

AJAX server component lists are displayed in packages

C. Palette

All components possessed by the NEST IDE is listed and can be easily utilized. Additionally, all server components can be reused.

D. Connected Database

Users that already have a database and a database account (IP or URL, ID, Password) can automatically connect their application to the database to easily display the data in their database onto the application.

Figure 38 Database configuration