Configuring NEST IDE


A. Menu Bar

The NEST Platform menu besides the basic saves and creation of new application projects contains several functions not found anywhere else on NEST. Convenient options such as “undo” and redo”, user login, and opening of different perspectives can be found in the menu.

B. Tool Bar

The tool bar contains several shortcuts of tools that are also available on the menu bar. Tools that will be used very often throughout the use of NEST such as project save, builder, and simulator are additionally located in the tool bar for quick access.

C. Perspective Bar

NEST is an Eclipse-based IDE, which means Eclipse-based platforms and tolls can be imported to NEST. You can check the status of other platforms you are using, it can be found under Windows → Open Perspective → Other and then select the platform you would like to view.

C.1 NEST Project Explorer

Project Explorer located on the left hand side of the platform allows users to add, edit, or delete files and projects. You can use this menu when accessing different projects and to view files such as the .apk file when installing an application into your phone.

C.2 Properties View

Located on the right hand side of the platform, Properties View allows you to set properties of Projects, Forms, and Components. This menu will be the most often used because it allows you to setup varies properties such as the decorations, events, and title of the application. The properties menu can seem overbearing with all the sections that can be filled to customize the application but much of the properties options are very simple and intuitive to customize.

C.3 Outline View

Found on the bottom right hand side of the panel; overview of Sitemap, Form, and Components under Outline View where you are able to select, edit, and delete components. The Outline View can be used to move around the components to the proper positions of the Form. For example if you have six panels and wish to move a component under one of the panels to another it can be done easily in this menu. Simply click on the component name you wish to move click and hold then drag it to the panel you wish to move it to in the outline.