Configuring NEST IDE

Using Menu Bar, Tool Bar, and Functions

A. Important Features and Descriptions

MenuBar Menu Tool Bar Functions
NEST About NEST Displays information regarding NEST such as current version and settings.
Preference This features lets you to set basic preference of NEST.
* For MS-Windows, Preference can be found under Windows Menu Bar.
File Properties You can set preferences to your projects. These adjustments can be made to the entire project as well as to one Form of the project. Details about the Project can be set here, such as if you wanted to note that two projects are similarly built to test slight modifications you would use the Project reference tab available after opening the project properties. Other options include tagging the project with task tags such as “fix me” or “to do”. Lastly debugging settings and build settings can be specified in this menu.
Project Build / Export This features lets you run and/or deploy your project to your phone and app store Google Play, Apple App Store, Windows Mobile, Amazon Store.
Simulator Simulator may be used to run your project on the IDE before deploying it to your device. Simulator includes debug mode, which lets you detect any errors and/or bugs. You can check if your app is functioning properly at any point with this integrated simulator.
Window Reset Perspective This feature allows you to reset Perspective and return to default screen. This is mainly used to bring back a perspective that has been exited out.