We have created NEST to bring about a new age in smart device application development. NEST is for non-developers and developers alike, it is an environment in which they can coexist together and benefit one another.

The NEST Platform is a work in progress and will continue to grow with the input of our users. We wish to create an environment in which our users feel heard and can express their difficulties with NEST so that we may continue to improve upon it. It is our goal to make it possible for anyone to develop smart device applications with ease. In order to do so NEST must continue to grow and become even more efficient and intuitive in its use.

The traditional methods of developing smart device applications are difficult and arduous even for experienced developers. The difficult process of creating smart device applications inspired one of our developers to create NEST to provide an environment in which smart device application development would be simple and efficient. In addition to creating a Platform that increases the efficiency of developers we also wanted to create an environment in which people without any development knowledge can create their own applications as well. After seven years of planning and four years of developing we have created the first stages of what we believe can create a whole new world of possibilities that will allow people to freely express their ideas through technology. The NEST platform will create a world in which self-expression through technology becomes second nature to all. The NEST Team's ultimate goal is to change the development environment to a more intuitive and efficient experience. So help us in creating a new application development environment that will nurture innovation, cohesion amongst users, and progress.


The NEST Support Team